Finding the Value and Enjoying the Benefits of a Life Plan Community


Perhaps the first question that comes to mind when considering the move to a senior living community is, can I afford this? At Pleasant View, our team members sit down with prospective residents to make sure that, as residents, they would be financially comfortable.

Value that offers a guarantee for the future, if, and when, needed.


When joining a Life Plan community like Pleasant View Communities, the comforts you are used to in your current home do not have to be sacrificed. The amenities in this community set a new standard of senior living. You will enjoy amenities such as roof terrace with fire pits and gas grills for entertaining, heated indoor saltwater pool, underground parking, and many, many more. Create lifelong relationships that are sure to bring joy and more meaningful fulfilling days.



A Senior Living community is so much more than “Continuing Care”. It’s about living life to its fullest. Today’s seniors are defining the concept of being active again. They are self-directed planners who are not looking for “care” but a life filled with possibilities, freedom, control, and options. You do not pay for health care until you need it but have the security of knowing it is there with priority care.

If cooking is your thing, your fully equipped kitchen will provide more than enough space to do so. But if not, enjoy the exceptional restaurants within the Lititz / Manheim community as well as the Hearth & Harrow Restaurant located on Pleasant View’s main campus. As a resident, you will always enjoy 20% off in the restaurant, coffee bar, and bistro. Stop by and relax at the fire pits during dusk.



In addition, Life Plan at Pleasant View means just what it says – planning for your future care that lasts for a lifetime. As a resident, if you outlive your resources for reasons beyond your control, you will have the assurance that you can continue to enjoy a lifetime of residency at Pleasant View Communities according to the terms of the Residence and Service Agreement. As our non-for-profit promise to our community, Pleasant View Communities, historically has given 2-3 million dollars annually in benevolent care to residents, giving our residents the value of a secured future and peace of mind.

A person may join Pleasant View Communities for the value of Residential living perks, but the main reason is to enjoy the freedom without having to worry about the time and effort it takes to maintain a home. You will be leaving behind the headaches and costs of home maintenance, including real estate property taxes. You also leave behind the peril of unpredictable monthly living expenses.



A move into senior living is a move that benefits you, your health, your wellness—as well as your future. Joining Pleasant View Communities may fit in with your future and allow you to live the happy, fulfilled life that you deserve. The best part? This lifestyle is not as out of reach as you may think. When you do the math, choosing the right Life Plan community can offer a remarkable value, not only reducing your current expenses, but offering significant savings for your lifestyle for years to come.

Don’t take our word for it. Look at the numbers for yourself. Talk to your financial advisor. Compare the costs of living independently at Pleasant View Communities against your current living expenses. Factor in the cost of health services.


Three Options for Your Investment

Pleasant View provides three contract amortized refund choices — including two estate preservation refund options — adding value and flexibility. You have more power to plan what you envision for yourself and your family.

You choose which option is right for you.

All refund options are available for all accommodations. The information listed summarizes the advantages of each option. We recommend speaking with our Residential Living Counselor directly to explore those accommodations and options that interest you.


Standard Refund Plan

This option includes the standard entrance fee and offers you the advantages of securing your future living arrangements at a lower initial entrance fee, with 0% refunded to you or your estate, if you have lived in your apartment or cottage for five years or longer.


Estate Preservation 40% Refund Plan:

This option offers the advantage of securing your future living arrangements while preserving 40% of your entrance fee.

Any time you vacate your residence, after five years, you will receive a credit of 40% of your original entrance fee if you transfer to another level of care on our campus or your estate will receive a refund.


Estate Preservation 60% Refund Plan:

This option offers the advantage of securing your future living arrangements while preserving 60% of your entrance fee.

Any time you vacate your residence after five years, you will receive a credit of 60% of your original entrance fee, if you transfer to another level of care on our campus or your estate will receive a refund.

An example of this would be you paid a $300,000.00 entrance fee at the 60% refund. When you move out of your residence, you or your estate will be refunded $180,000. Your Residential living arrangements for however long you live at Pleasant View, would have cost only $120,000.00.  What a value benefit!


Type C Fee for Service Contract

Pleasant View offers a fee-for-service contract, or a Type C contract that offers amenities, and continuing care services to enhance your retirement experience, customized to suit your personal lifestyle and secure your future. For personal care or healthcare, you only pay for services as you need them.


Entrance Fees at Pleasant View

Entrance Fee: Residential living includes a one-time entrance fee investment and a monthly maintenance fee, which together entitles you to a residence of your choosing at Pleasant View Communities for life. A portion of the entrance fees are often partially refundable, and monthly fees cover services, amenities, and programming.

The entrance fee allows Pleasant View Communities to offer you monthly service fees that are closer to what most retirees would pay monthly to maintain their current homes and lifestyles. Many residents apply the proceeds from the sale of their home toward the entrance fee. The entrance fee also allows you the opportunity to convey the deposit to your estate as desired in the future. This payment model makes it possible for residents to enjoy the benefits of Life Plan living and the assurance of multiple levels of care in the future.

Monthly Maintenance Service Fee: A monthly maintenance service fee is paid for a wide range of amenities and services such as utilities (except TV, telephone and internet), building maintenance, lawn/grounds care, refuse collection services, snow removal, life enrichment activities, social programming, security, scheduled transportation services, fitness facilities, exercise classes, real estate property taxes, etc.

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